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Client Servicing

At SKAGEN, all institutional clients are allocated their own dedicated client relationship manager with the aim of providing you with the best possible client communication and follow-up.

Use one of the forms below to subscribe, redeem and transfer units between SKAGEN's funds. As an institutional investor, you can subscribe, redeem and transfer units between SKAGEN's funds.

Global Stock Markets
CIO Update: Small caps poised for merger mania?
27 November 2023

A side-effect of the runaway returns generated this year by the world’s biggest companies is that those lower down the food chain are looking increasingly cheap.

News from skagen
New articles of association for the funds
24 November 2023

The fund’s articles of association have been amended in connection with the organisational changes ...

Global Stock MarketsEquity Funds
SKAGEN Global: Finding many ways to win
8 November 2023

At a time when the market has become highly concentrated, picking winners rather than backing the ...

Real Estate
Light at the end of the tunnel for global listed real estate?
31 October 2023

Improving economic fundamentals and bargain valuations should mean brighter times ahead for ...

Stock Markets
CIO Update: More surprises to come?
25 October 2023

So far 2023 has been a year of surprises. At the outset, most economists expected a global ...

Active Management
Vitesco lift for SKAGEN Focus
20 October 2023

German automotive supplier receives bid at healthy premium delivering value for fund’s unitholders.

Equity Funds
SKAGEN Vekst wins Best Global Equity Fund Award in Belgium
19 October 2023

The fund is the 2023 winner of the Sicav de Cristal – Kristallenfondsen LA LIBRE Belgique - De ...

Emerging MarketsEquity Funds
SKAGEN Kon-Tiki: The common sense fund delivering uncommon returns
9 October 2023

Our emerging markets fund is flying high, delivering benchmark-beating returns through a ...

Real EstateGlobal Stock Markets
Self Storage Group boost for SKAGEN m2
20 September 2023

Top ten holding receives bid at attractive premium that would create significant value for fund's ...

Equity FundsActive Management
SKAGEN Vekst: Leading the pack
19 September 2023

Our oldest fund continues to deliver solid absolute returns for clients and strong relative ...

News from skagen
New organisational structure
18 September 2023

SKAGEN has been part of the Storebrand Group since 2017 and has since then operated under exemption ...

Global Stock Markets
Will stocks continue to climb higher?
6 September 2023

As summer turns to autumn, it is always good to reflect on the year so far and what the remainder ...

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