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Nobel laureates, innovators, academics, philosophers and entrepreneurs. SKAGEN Funds' New Year's Conference has featured many well-known - and not yet so well-known - names since 2004.

The New Year's Conference usually takes place over three consecutive days in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. In 2021, we will for the first time be conducting a live digital event with speakers and participants joining us from all over the globe.

Listen to this year's prestigious line-up of speakers live on 12 January 2021


New Year's Conference logotyp

Speakers 2021

You will find an overview of this year's speakers below.

New Year's Conference
Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Dealing with the unexpected

Nassim Nicholas Taleb made his fortune by holding a steady course through unpredictable financial events. He later gained international recognition when he denied that precisely these types of crisis, or black swans as he calls them, can be foreseen.

New Year's Conference
Best-selling author Michael Lewis to speak at SKAGEN's New Year's Conference

Few people are better equipped to write the contemporary history of the financial world, or to ...

New Year's Conference
Barbara Krumsiek: how to elevate sustainable responsible investing?

A globally-recognised leader in sustainable investing, Barbara Krumsiek will be speaking at our ...

New Year's Conference
"Capitalism has run out of steam"

It is an illusion that we live in the most innovative era. That is according to Björn Weigel, who ...

New Year's Conference
Working towards a new world

Not many professors are named celebrity researchers by the media. Maria Strømme’s research and ...

New Year's Conference
Political risks in an age of uncertainty

What are the greatest political risks we will face in the upcoming year? That is just one of the ...

17 years of New Year's Conference

We have been holding an annual New Year's Conference since 2006. This year we will be host a digital version for the first time. 

Two Nobel Prize winners

Robert Shiller spoke at our New Year's Conference in 2012 and received a Nobel Prize the following year. Paul Krugman received a Nobel Prize in 2008 and was the keynote speaker at our 2014 New Year's Conference. 

Five countries

The New Year's Conference has been held in several European capitals: Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam.

Over 90 Speakers

Over the past 17 years, SKAGEN has welcomed over 90 speakers on stage at our New Year's Conferences.

The SKAGEN New Year's Conference is a leading Scandinavian finance conference held in January each year, and is primarily targeted at institutional investors. Do you want to find out more about the conference? Contact customer services by sending an email to


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